SoundBrander | Sonic Branding by Metasoundz

How does your brand sound? How well is your brand’s sound communicating your brand values? How often is your brand’s sound heard by your customers? And, ultimately, how does it all impact your bottom line?


Most brands use their environment to appeal to their customers visually. Others use their space as visual references to brand identity through architecture and interior decoration. Now brands are paying more attention to audio and how it impacts their bottom line. Music addresses people in their more intimate value system, so sound and music can be potent influencers on conscious and subconscious levels. Consider the following:

—-It’s harder for people to live without music than sports, films or newspapers
—-Playing the right music makes customers stay longer
—-Music played in a brand space affects customers’ opinion of the brand.
—-Appropriate music makes employees feel and work better.

IMPLEMENTING A SOUND STRATEGY offers the opportunity to:

—-Increase your brand awareness,
—-Differentiate your brand from competitors
—-Connect your brand with its audience and customers on a deeper level
—-Create a brand community
—-Generate better sales and profits

At its simplest, our service qualifies and analyzes your brand and translates its values into a compelling sound identity via curated sound and music for your retail spaces, shops and brand spaces. The end result is a strategically aligned brand atmosphere that helps generate awareness, motivates your staff, encourages associations and feelings beneficial to your brand image, and builds a specially unique and emotional relationship with your customers. Our superbly curated service draws on a vast and diverse library of licensed audio, music programming expertise and good audio production skills.